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Last Updated: Tuesday September 07 2010 18:33 GMT

In pics: Floods swamp southern Australia

A house surrounded by floodwater in Wangaratta, Australia

This may look like a normal picture of a house, but take a closer look. There should be a dry road in front of the house but it's been flooded by heavy rains in southern Australia.

Farmland swamped by floodwaters in Wangaratta, Australia

Several towns in the state of Victoria have been swamped by days of downpours. Hundreds of homes and buildings have been flooded, with some towns being totally cut off.

A boy riding his bicycle through floodwater in Benalla, Australia

Parts of Victoria have suffered drought conditions for years, so many welcomed the rain at first. But as the storms kept coming, other problems began.

Stuart White and his dog Gypsy are evacuated by boat from their home in Wangaratta, Australia

Rivers started overflowing and rescue workers are having to use dinghies to bring people - and pets! - to safety, like Stuart and his dog Gypsy in Wangaratta.

A herd of cattle look for dry ground in Wangaratta, Australia

Herds of cattle are struggling to find dry ground on the flooded farmlands.

Jerry and his brother Lachlan push their canoe into the floodwaters in the backyard of their home in Shepparton, Australia.

But some kids are trying to make the most of it, like these brothers in Shepparton who tried to take their canoe out in their flooded garden!


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