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Last Updated: Tuesday September 07 2010 07:36 GMT

Event marks 70 years since Blitz began

London during the Blitz

A big event marking 70 years since the Blitz began is being held in London.

On 7 September 1940, during World War II, German planes began dropping bombs from the air onto London and other cities around Britain.

The Blitz continued until May 1941 and more than a million buildings were destroyed and over 40,000 people died.

Tuesday's event at St Paul's Cathedral is celebrating people such as pilots, firefighters and nurses who helped to protect Britons during the Blitz.

It will be followed by a parade, with old World War II planes flying overhead.

Actors in 1940s dress will also be leading tours deep into the now unused Aldwych Underground station, which became an air raid shelter during the Blitz.

Thousands of children and their families hid in Underground stations across London so they could be safe from the bombs.

People who were children at the time of the Blitz will also be attending Tuesday's event.