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Last Updated: Monday September 06 2010 14:24 GMT

School closed after boy finds bomb in playground

Boy finds bomb in school playground

Children at a school in County Antrim in Northern Ireland were moved to a church on Monday after a pupil found a bomb in the playground.

Eight-year-old Brendan found the bomb, made from a pipe, on the way to school and took it inside to his teacher.

Police were called and all 400 pupils were evacuated and the school was closed for the day.

Police safely removed the bomb and no-one was hurt. They're now trying to find out who left the bomb.

Brendan said he found what looked like a "golden pipe thing" in the playground at St Comgall's when he arrived at school on Monday morning.

He said: "I just got off my bike and just touched it to see if it was okay. Then I just lifted it up."

Brendan's head teacher Hilary Cush said he was angry that an explosive was left somewhere children could find it.

He said: "It's absolutely crazy. It's unbelievable that innocent children should be caught up in something like this."

There was a second bomb alert at St Joseph's Primary School, also in County Antrim on Monday. The school was also closed, but no bomb was found.