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Last Updated: Monday September 06 2010 07:06 GMT

Olly Murs debut Please Don't Let Me Go goes number one

Olly Murs performing

X Factor star Olly Murs has gone straight to number one with his first single Please Don't Let Me Go.

He beat Katy Perry's new hit Teenage Dream into second place.

But there was other good news for the American singer as her new album, also called Teenage Dream, went top in the album charts.

Olly was runner-up in last year's X Factor, which was won by Joe McElderry. He's only the fourth X Factor loser to top the UK charts.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album is also number one in America

The others to do it are Diana Vickers, JLS and Chico.

Speaking to Newsround about his single, Olly explained: "It was about a relationship I was having, I was pleading for the girl not to go."

But he must be pretty happy now because he also told us: "I'm dreaming of a number one record, that's what I want."


Olly Murs

Single: Olly Murs - Please Don't Let Me Go

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Katy Perry

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