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Last Updated: Friday September 03 2010 11:49 GMT

In pics: Leah uses crickets to create tasty pesto pasta!

Leah and Stefan prepare the ingredients

Stefan Gates from Gastronuts and Leah are preparing the ingredients to make a tasty pesto sauce for their pasta...

Leah and Stefan prepare the ingredients

But there's one extra ingredient that Stefan has just told Leah about...


Crickets!! Stefan says: "Crickets are a hugely important food source all around the world."

Pine nuts being roasted with crickets

He reckons that in the future insects will be commonly used in cooking, so we could see things like insect burgers! Here the crickets are roasted in a pan with pine nuts.

Leah and Stefan with the pan of pine nuts and crickets

Leah doesn't look too happy at the thought of a cricket lunch! But Stefan thinks we'll all be eating insects soon because population growth will outstrip food supplies.

Leah and Stefan mix the ingredients together

Next, tomato puree is added to the roasted pine nuts and crickets before being mixed in with grated cheese, coriander, chilli, garlic and olive oil.

Leah tastes the cricket pesto

Tasting the pesto paste, Leah said: "It was full of flavour but after I started chewing there was a crunchy aftertaste that reminded me I was eating crickets!"

Leah pours cricket pesto in pasta

The cricket pesto sauce is spooned in with the cooked pasta and stirred.

Leah and Stefan tuck into cricket pesto pasta

And then it's time for Stefan and Leah to tuck in to their cricket pesto pasta! Yummy! "I realised afterwards that I'd eaten a cricket head," said Leah. Eugh!

Cricket pesto pasta

There you have it - cricket pesto pasta. But will it be coming to a dinner table near you...!?!


Ricky tries a cricket

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