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Last Updated: Friday September 03 2010 05:33 GMT

American President Barack Obama writes to UK school boy

Robert with Flat Stanley

When eight-year-old Robert was told to write to someone in another country as part of a school project he chose American President Barack Obama.

So imagine how amazed he was when the President wrote back!

Robert sent President Obama a paper cut-out of a character in a book he was reading called Flat Stanley.

The President wrote back to say that he had received the cut-out and that Flat Stanley had "worked hard, listened carefully and had a lot of fun"!

Flat Stanley is a character who gets squashed when a notice board falls on him. He then has lots of adventures by posting himself around the world.

The President said: "Thank you for sending Flat Stanley to the White House. I am pleased to report that he worked hard, listened carefully, and had a lot of fun.

"Flat Stanley was engaging, interested and showed up at the White House each morning with a pencil in hand, ready to learn. It was a pleasure having him here."

Everyone at Robert's school in Renfrewshire, Scotland, was really impressed.

Some of his mates have even started calling him Obama now!