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Last Updated: Thursday September 02 2010 12:22 GMT

I'm competing in the footie World Championships!

Table football ace takes on the world

Press Packer Coen only took up table football eight months ago, but now he's off to take part in the Subbuteo World Championships in Germany.

He got through to the competition after winning the English under-12s title.

Here's his story.

"I'm off to Germany to face the world's best table footballers.

I only started playing at Christmas when my dad brought an old table down from the loft.

Since then I've clocked up six trophies! I even beat adults at the game! Now I'm ready to take on the world!

Family game

Table football runs in my family - my dad, uncle and auntie are all champions.

My biggest worry at the Championships will be the Italians. They take the game VERY seriously and spend hours training because they don't really play computer games.

But I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Secret weapon

I've got my own squad, that I keep in tip top shape. I train, train and then train some more.

I even cut my fingernail low and file it straight across for the ultimate precision flick - my secret weapon!

World's best

Unlike traditional football you don't have to be a grown-up to be a world champion, so if you think you've got what it takes you might be facing me on the pitch.

But for now I'm off to face the world's best in Germany - wish me luck!"

Coen, 9, Yorkshire, England