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Last Updated: Thursday September 02 2010 10:49 GMT

American footie star insures big hair for thousands

American football player Troy Polamalu, who has had his hair insured for $1million (around 650,000)

A big-haired American footie player has had his long curly black locks insured for a hair-raising $1million - that's about £650,000!

Troy Polamalu's hair is almost a metre long and he reckons it hasn't been cut in 10 years.

The Pittsburgh Steelers defender's hair do has helped him win sponsorship deals and even star in hair adverts.

Now one shampoo maker has had his locks insured in case anything happens to them when he's playing on the pitch.

In 2006, he was pulled down by his hair during a game, which isn't against NFL rules.

Polamalu comes from a small country called Samoa in the Pacific Ocean.