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Last Updated: Wednesday September 01 2010 14:51 GMT

Man behind The Stig helmet named

The Stig

He's the man in the helmet that BBC bosses have tried really hard to keep a secret.

But now the driver who says he's The Stig on Top Gear has won the right to tell everybody who he is.

He's written a book all about his life, which the BBC wanted to stop being published as it would reveal his secret identity.

But now the High Court has decided that stuntman Ben Collins can publish his book and reveal himself as The Stig.

Ben Collins
The book says Ben Collins has been The Stig for seven years

The BBC still won't officially confirm or deny whether it really is him though.

As well as appearing as The Stig on Top Gear, Ben has also been a stuntman in James Bond films.

But he isn't the only man to play the part of the famous test driver.

The Stig drives Sonali's car!

In June last year, Formula One driver Michael Schumacher appeared on the show pretending to be The Stig.

And in 2002, a driver called Perry McCarthy wrote a book saying he was the secret racer.

Now it looks like there could well be another secret Stig in the future...