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Last Updated: Wednesday September 01 2010 09:50 GMT

In pics: School's still out for kids in flood-hit Pakistan

Pakistan kids outside their school which was badly damaged by the floods

Loads of you are already back at school, but these kids in flood-hit Pakistan can't go back yet. Their school was badly damaged by floods and could stay shut for two more weeks.

10-year-old Anis and his dad

"Everything in my school - the furniture, stationery and records - was washed away in the floods," said 10-year-old Anis, seen here with his dad.

Kids at relief camp in Pakistan having fun

Being homeless and hungry hasn't stopped these kids at a relief camp from playing and having fun.

Kids enjoy a splash in muddy water in Pakistan

While these kids enjoy a splash in the muddy water that has taken over the area they live in.

Pakistani kids play a game of adda kadda

One way to pass the time is to play a game of adda kadda - a Pakistani version of noughts and crosses. Look at that concentration!

Boy blows bubbles in Pakistan relief shelter

This boy's blowing bubbles at a relief shelter in the area of Nowshera. He said: "School is closed; nothing to do in the camps, so I find it fun."

Two kids in Pakistan, Nazia and Uzma

Nazia and Uzma said: "We are happy we can play around the camp, but we are not happy about heat and flies."

10-year-old Gulzar

Despite everything that's happened, Gulzar, 10, hasn't given up on his dreams. He said: "When school reopens, I will continue working to become a doctor."