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Last Updated: Monday August 30 2010 12:32 GMT

Pakistan cricketers questioned over cheating claims

Pakistan cricket players Mohammad Amir (left) and Mohammad Asif

Four of Pakistan's cricket players have been questioned by police over claims that some of the team cheated during last week's Test match against England.

A newspaper says that it has proof that three no-balls were bowled on purpose by Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif.

A no-ball is when a bowler steps over the line behind which a ball should be thrown.

Some people bet money on whether things like no-balls will happen at certain times during cricket matches.

Pakistan's team manager insisted that the claims were unproven.

The team's captain Salman Butt and wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal are the other two players who the police have been talking to.

Calls for ban

There have been calls for any players found guilty to be banned from cricket for life.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan said: "Unless you make a drastic decision on people who do this kind of stuff, I think it will carry on going on for ever and ever."

But head of world cricket Sharad Pawar says he will wait until after the police investigation before taking any action against players.

Pakistan is due to play more matches against England in the next few weeks.