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Last Updated: Friday August 27 2010 14:04 GMT

Smuggled tiger cub found hidden in luggage at airport

Smuggled tiger is rescued from suitcase

A tiger cub has been rescued after being found hidden inside a suitcase of clothes and cuddly toys at Bangkok Airport in Thailand.

The animal had been given drugs to send it to sleep and stop making a noise.

A Thai woman was trying to board a plane to Iran when security staff noticed her extra large bag.

When they took an X-ray of it, they saw what they thought was a real animal inside. Wildlife officers were called in and they discovered the tiger cub.

The cub, which is thought to be three months old, is now being cared for at a rescue centre.

Officials are now trying to work out whether the cub is a wild cat or if it was bred in captivity.

Campaigners have called for tougher punishments to stop other people trying to smuggle animals like this.