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Last Updated: Wednesday August 25 2010 17:39 GMT

Rare eagles poisoned in Scotland

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Rare birds of prey like golden eagles could be under threat because of human cruelty.

Animal charity the RSPB said a record number of birds of prey were poisoned in Scotland last year.

They said birds of prey - which hunt other animals for food - are being killed illegally in national parks and country estates.

It's thought they're being poisoned to stop them eating other birds used in organised shooting.

In total 46 birds of prey, including golden eagles, sea eagles, red kites and buzzards were poisoned in Scotland in 2009.

Sea eagle
Birds like this sea eagle were targeted by poisoners

One of the animals the birds of prey hunt for food is a smaller bird called grouse.

Some people make a lot of money from keeping grouse, and want to stop the birds of prey from hunting them.

Most landowners don't harm birds of prey, but the RSPB says a few do lay down poison to kill them.

Now campaigners want stricter rules to make sure crimes like these are stamped out.