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Last Updated: Monday August 23 2010 15:42 GMT

Note saves trapped miners in Chile

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A group of miners who are trapped underground in Chile, South America, have managed to send a note to their rescuers saying that they're all alive.

The 33 men have been stuck since 5 August, four miles inside the mine after a tunnel collapsed.

Rescuers were giving up hope of finding them, but 17 days after the accident, the team got a handwritten note which the miners attached to a drill.

But it could take four months before they are finally rescued.

That's because a new shaft needs to be dug, which wide enough for them to escape.

Rescue operation

Food and water is being sent down to them through a narrow hole that is already there.

They will also be given cameras and microphones so they can record messages for their friends and family while they wait to be rescued.