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Last Updated: Friday August 20 2010 09:05 GMT

X Factor judges stunned by Geri Halliwell's talking

Geri Halliwell

The X Factor judges were stunned into silence by guest star Geri Halliwell's constant talking, it's been revealed.

Apparently the other judges struggled to get a word in as the talkative singer had something to say to every contestant on the show.

Louis Walsh moaned that Geri "talks and talks" after she stood in for Dannii Minogue at the Glasgow audition.

There are several guest judges on this year's series because Dannii and Cheryl Cole have had to miss some shows.

Dannii had a baby boy in July, and Cheryl is recovering from the tropical disease malaria.

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell was one of the guest judges in the seventh series, and appeared to get on Louis' nerves.

After watching one dodgy act, Geri said: "I don't know what to say." And Louis replied: "That's a first."

'Great artist'

Other guests included Katy Perry, Pixie Lott and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Simon Cowell has revealed he is looking for a "great artist" this year.

He said about his potential stars: "They have that steel in their eyes - it's charisma, personality, being unique, entertaining, all those things rolled into one."