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Last Updated: Friday August 20 2010 04:47 GMT

Bullied bald cow happy in new home at animal sanctuary

Harriet the bald cow

A cow that was bullied by others in her herd because of her baldness is now happily living in a new home.

Harriet the cow is bald on her shoulders, neck and face. It's because she was born premature so her hair didn't have enough time to develop.

Other cows at the farm where she used to live kicked and beat her because she looked different.

So Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Somerset, south-west England, took Harriet in, where she is safe and happy.

"Fortunately our cattle here have accepted her... I think that's because they're all a little bit different," said Naomi Clarke, who works at the sanctuary.

Every day, the team there have to put suncream and moisturiser on Harriet to protect her skin from the sun and stop it from becoming dry and cracked.

But apparently she enjoys it because loves the attention!