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Last Updated: Thursday August 19 2010 14:21 GMT

TV bosses fight to keep The Stig's identity secret

The Stig

The identity of The Stig on Top Gear is one of TV's biggest mysteries and BBC bosses are trying to keep it that way.

They're fighting to stop the driver behind the mask revealing his identity in a book about his life.

They reckon revealing his name would spoil it for fans of the show and say he agreed in his contract to keep who he is a secret.

The Stig wears a white helmet with a blacked out visor and test drives cars on the popular BBC Two series.

In June last year, The Stig took off his helmet on the show and it was Michael Schumacher underneath.

But no one's sure if The Stig really is the German F1 driver or someone else - or even a combination of different people.

We do know that at least one other person has been The Stig before. In 2002 a driver called Perry McCarthy said he was the secret racer in a book.