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Last Updated: Thursday August 19 2010 14:25 GMT

'Vuvuzela' makes it into Oxford English dictionary

An England fan with a vuvezela

It was the sound we all loved to hate this summer, and now the word 'vuvuzela' has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Yes, those noisy horns that could be heard during every World Cup match are so popular that they get a mention in the famous book of words.

Other new words include 'social media', meaning social networking websites.

One of the funnier new entries is 'cheeseball', which officially means someone 'lacking taste and style'.

Other words in the new dictionary include:

  • Staycation - refering to staying in your home country for a holiday, instead of going abroad
  • National Treasure - someone or something which is valued as part of a country's culture
  • Microblogging - posting lots of short entries on a blog

There are 2,000 new words altogether in the latest edition of the dictionary.