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Last Updated: Tuesday August 17 2010 16:05 GMT

Footy star must win to lose moustache!

Joey Barton

Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton has grown a dodgy moustache for a joke, but now he isn't allowed to shave it off until his side get their first win!

They were promoted last season but lost their first match 3-0 against Manchester United on Monday night.

They face a tough fight to stay in the Premier League this season and Barton's very keen to get their first victory.

The midfielder said: "It started out with about eight of us saying, 'you couldn't grow a beard'."

"One thing led to another and before I knew, I'd agreed to grow a moustache."

Lots of famous footy players used to have them but they're not that popular any more.


Now the star is under pressure because he can't back down in front of his team mates.

He added: "It could be here for a while longer if we don't get off to a good start - but hopefully it'll be gone soon.

"It's got a bit of flak and a few people have said it's ridiculous."