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Last Updated: Monday August 16 2010 14:54 GMT

More kittens getting abandoned

Unwanted kittens are rescued

The number of kittens being abandoned has gone up because too many of them are being born and lots of people can't afford to have them any more.

The Blue Cross animal charity says the number's been increasing over the last two years and lots of adoption centres are struggling to cope.

Between January and June this year the charity was given 542 unwanted kittens.

They want cat owners to think twice before getting rid of kittens, and to hand them in properly if they do.

Sadly lots of them are just left on the streets or in boxes and bags.

Alan Maskell works for the charity and said: "We'd always urge people to ask for help or advice rather than just dumping an animal - we never judge people for taking a responsible decision for their pet."