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Last Updated: Thursday August 12 2010 15:47 GMT

In pics: This week's coolest pictures

Dog in a mask

Check out our round-up of some of the best images from around the world this week. Moscow has been shrouded in thick smog for days - even dogs have been affected!

Big ben

You'd need a head for heights to do this job. These men had to abseil down Big Ben in London to mend the massive clock face.

Giant Spoon

You'd struggle to eat anything with this ENORMOUS spoon. It's the biggest silver spoon in Scotland, and went up for sale in Edinburgh this week.

Kitten with four ears

This crazy cat in Russia has FOUR ears. He was born in Vladivostock and is called Lutnik. He can only hear out of two of his ears though - the others don't have ear canals.