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Last Updated: Wednesday August 11 2010 12:35 GMT

No lolly for girl with pennies

Sonali goes shopping with bag of coppers

A young girl was left in floods of tears after an ice cream man refused to let her pay for a lolly with one and two pence coins.

Cordelle, seven, had been saving up her pennies for weeks after doing odd jobs around the house for her mum.

But when she went to buy a lolly from the van in her street, the man told her she couldn't pay with coppers.

"Cordelle is only seven, how can they refuse her when she has the money?" her mum, Lisa, said.

Cordelle's brother, Kyle, then went to try but the ice cream man told him he wasn't accepting anymore change.

Copper coins
Copper coins

So Cordelle went crying to her mum, who was cross that her son and daughter had been upset.

"My children just wanted a lolly, they wanted to use their own money and were just turned away, it is not fair," Cordelle's mum told The Citizen newspaper in Gloucestershire.


Cordelle and her brother got their ice creams in the end after their elder brother paid for them with a £10 note.

There is a British law that says shopkeepers do not have to accept more than 20 pence worth of coppers to pay for something. But it's not used that often.

The ice cream company hasn't responded to this story.