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Last Updated: Wednesday August 11 2010 14:07 GMT

In pics: Ricky visits Sparky at a luxury cat hotel

Sparky and his bed

Sparky is staying at a hotel just for cats while his owners are on holiday. Here he's testing his bed which was designed especially for the hotel and comes with duck-down pillows.


But it's not bedtime just yet. Sparky has heard that Ricky is visiting and has supper waiting for him. Wonder what's on the menu?

Sparky and Ricky

Sparky's meal is from the 'a la cat' menu - today he's having ham served on a special plate.

Sparky and Ricky

Sparky has a closer look...

Sparky and Ricky

But he seems a little bit more interested in tasting Ricky's nose!

Play area

The hotel has a play area with lots of climbing poles - this one has nice, soft material.

Sparky and Ricky

So time for some fun! Sparky and Ricky hang out in the play area.

Sparky and Ricky

Sparky seems really pleased that Ricky's dropped by.

Sparky and Ricky

And finally, Sparky thanks Ricky for visiting - or is he trying to stop him leaving!