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Last Updated: Friday October 01 2010 19:35 GMT

Film Review: Marmaduke

Marmaduke surfing

Release date

18 August 2010, U

The Plot

Marmaduke is a Great Dane who's got a pretty good life with his owners Phil and Debbie, their three kids Barbara, Brian and Sarah, and his feline housemate Carlos.

Marmaduke, Mazie, Guiseppe and Raisin
Marmaduke with his new mutt mates, Mazie, Guiseppe and Raisin

But when Phil's new job takes them from Kansas to California, Marmaduke's life is turned upside-down.

As the newest kid in the dog park, he's trying to keep everyone happy - the mutts and the pedigrees - and needless to say it doesn't go to plan.

When he develops a crush on the purebred of his dreams, it leads to a huge fallout with his new four-legged friends, Carlos and his ever patient family.

The stars

Phil, played by Lee Pace, in a car with Marmaduke whose head is sticking out the sunroof
Marmaduke on the road with his owner Phil

Marmaduke's voiced by Owen Wilson, who's used to working with dogs after playing a dog owner in Marley and Me.

He was also in Night at the Museum with Steve Coogan, who's the voice of one of Marmaduke's new friends, Raisin.

And did you know that Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas started out as an actress? Well she did, and she's back on the big screen in Marmaduke as the voice of Jezebel - the pedigree pup that Marmaduke develops a huge crush on.

Best bits

There are loads! If you like dogs, you'll love this film!

Some of the highlights include the dog surfing competition, Marmaduke's battle with a cat flap, and the party that gets a little bit out of hand.

They are also some really cute moments - watch out for Marmaduke getting dating advice from Mazie.

Fave characters

Marmaduke with his owner Phil, played by Lee Pace, and Phil's new boss, played by William H. Macy
Marmaduke gets the once over from Phil's new boss Don Twombly

Well Marmaduke's got to be up there. It might seem weird when he talks at first, but within a few minutes it sounds more bizarre when he barks!

Some of his expressions are priceless too and, even though he's a dog, it's easy to relate to loads of the sticky situations he finds himself in!

We also really liked his best mate Mazie, the super-brained Raisin, and for pure comedy value, the mini-Doberman Pinschers, Lightning and Thunder.

Any weak bits?

If you were being really picky you could say the beginning's a bit cheesy and nothing unexpected happens, but overall it's a really fun family film.

Hit or miss?

A definite hit.

NR rating:


Your Comments

"WOW!! This film is brilliant!! I loved all of it, especially the surfboarding bit!! I give it 10/10!"

Chloe, 11, Cornwall, England


Mary, 8, Stockport, England

"I liked the bit when he was surfing!"

Addy, 7, Stockport, England

"I thought it was so amazing and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. My favourite scene was when Marmaduke had his own party! It was a 9 out of 10 film!"

Annie, 10, Stockport, England

"A great film. I would recommend it for dog lovers - of the big kind."

Amy, 11, Torquay, England

"Marmaduke is amazingly good!"

Nia, 9, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

"I thought that it was a bit boring!"

Maya, 11, London, England

"It was the best film yet. We hope there will be a second one!"

Gabrielle, Nicole and Jazmine, 11, 7 & 8, West Sussex, England

"I think it's good because it's funny!"

Billy, 13, London, England

"Marmaduke is sooo funny! It is one of the best films I've seen. It was a bit sad but I love it."

Lacey, 12, Coventry, England

"It was really fun to watch at the cinema. I'd definitely recommend that people go and see it."

George, 10, London, England

"Great movie and fantastic scenes."

Kayla, 11, Scotland

"I love this film, I think it's great. All the animals in this film are so cute!"

Sophie, 10, Scunthorpe, England

"Funniest animal film I've ever seen! It was a bit sad in places, but still very funny!"

Nimah, 9, Manchester, England

"I love the film and I've watched it about 1000 times. That's how good it is!"

Chloe, 10, Darlington, England

"I think the storyline is really bad and I didn't enjoy it at all."

Sam, 12, London, England

"I think it's very funny and all the dogs are really cute"

El, 12, London, England

"This film is so funny, I'm going to see it again because I loved it so much the first time!"

Maya, 10, Gorran, England

"This film is sooo funny! What makes this movie so cool is that it's cute and it's got the voice of Fergie, my fave singer in it!! GO MARMADUKE!!"

Charlotte, 11, England

"I love Marmaduke, especially the dancing dogs at the end."

Emily, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"Funny! I give it four out of five."

Lily, 9, Cumbria, England

"It was BRILLIANT!!"

Lillian, 9, N. Ireland

"I think it's a great film because they take the film from the dog's and human's point of views."

Chloe and Mollie, 10, England

"I love this film, it's the best film I've ever seen in my life."

Bethany, 10, England

"Marmaduke is amazing. How does that dog get on the surfboard? I can't even stand up for one second!"

Molly, 12, Wales

"Marmaduke is really entertaining and funny. It's a brilliant film to watch, it's filled with excitement and adventure and it's very heart-warming."

Grace, 11, Reading, England

"It is a really funny film. I give it five stars."

Max, 7, London, England

"I love this film."

Taylor, 8, London, England

"This film is the best film ever, I would recommend it to my friends and family."

Bethany, 9, London, England

"We love it! Our favourite part is when the boss gets knocked over by Marmaduke."

Melody and Anamaria, 13, Nottingham, England

"I am not a big fan of dogs but Marmaduke was a brilliant film and funny, my brother and I laughed pretty much the whole way through. Except for the sad bit."

Katie, 10, Portsmouth, England

"It's a classic tale that's great for families to watch together. It shows the passion that owners should have for their pets."

Charlotte, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"It's a brilliant film to watch, it's filled with excitement and adventure and it's very heart warming."

Isabel, 9, London, England

"I think it is a really cool film and I give it five stars."

Adam, 11, Kent, England

"Loved Marmaduke, it is funny, I loved it all."

Laurie, 9, Gloucestershire, England

"It is so funny, I give it ten stars."

Abigail, 9, Manchester, England

"I liked it. I thought it was really funny but emotional at parts too."

Amy, 13, South Yorkshire, England

"2/10. NEXT!"

Michaela, 10, London, England

"I loved Marmaduke. I love the cat Carlos too."

Alex, 10, Cheshire, England

"9/10 stars. This film is a treat for the family and will surely have you on the floor laughing your paws off!"

Ewan, 12, Blackburn, England

"Whenever Mazie came on I cried!"

Megan, 10, Norfolk, England

"This film is very good and funny! I'd give it 10/10!"

Kieron, 10, Flintshire, Wales

"This film is the best ever!"

Millie, 11, London, England

"This film is so cool. I went to watch it on my birthday with my friends. It was so good!"

Chloe, 12, Mid Glamorgan, Wales

"Marmaduke is so funny. 10/10."

Michaela, 9, Paisley, Scotland

"It's a really funny film, I would rate it 10/10 for comedy, family and sad (in some parts). My favourite part is when Marmaduke does the surf competition."

Grace, 8, Cambridgeshire, England

"Good and excellent!!"

Andrew, 14, Colchester, England

"It's so funny!"

Molly, 10, Cambridgeshire, England

"Great film, loved it. It's laugh out loud funny, sad and some bits you're on the edge of your seat. Shows that a dog is a man's best friend and a man is a dog's best friend! 5 stars!"

Becky, 12, Kent, England

"A great movie. I went to see it with my two best friends. We all loved it!"

Ailidh, 10, Renfrewshire, Scotland

"I went to see Marmaduke. It is so funny! It is also very heart-warming, especially when Marmaduke's owner, Phil, saves his life, despite his anger at him. Great film. 5 stars!"

Abigayle, 11, UK

"Marmaduke is so funny. I like the part when Marmaduke and his friends were dancing."

Huma, 8, Bradford, England

"It is very good."

Carla, 7, UK

"It was great. I went to see it with my best friend."

Sophie, 10, London, England

"I thought Marmaduke was a great film. I thought it would be a little bit cheesy but it wasn't. It was a fantastic, feel-good, enjoyable, family film. 4/5."

Jamie, 11, Bristol, England

"It was a very funny film to watch. Marmaduke is so crazy and wild!"

Chloe, 10, County Armagh, N. Ireland

"I love Marmaduke!"

Sophie, 7, UK

"This movie was wicked."

Hannah, 8, Manchester, England

"Marmaduke is amazing. It made me laugh and it made me cry!"

Kelly, 10, Cumbria, England

"I love Marmaduke!"

Paige, 8, West Lothian, Scotland

"Marmaduke was an AWESOME movie! Some parts were sad and emotional but it was mostly happy and funny. My favourite part would have to be when Marmaduke was surfing. I was so trying not to laugh! It was such a cool movie and it was hilarious! I would give Marmaduke a 9/10."

Sahba, 10, London, England

"Marmaduke is a nice, entertaining, family film."

Grace, 10, Birmingham, England

"I really enjoyed going to see Marmaduke. It is a great family film that my little brother and I both really liked. My favourite characters were Marmaduke and Mazie and also Thunder and Lightning were quite funny! The surfing competition was definitely a highlight of the movie. I would recommend Marmaduke to anyone who loves dogs or funny animal films, 10 out of 10! Woof woof!"

Eve, 12, Cheshire, England

"Marmaduke was full of laughs and I really enjoyed it. The climax of the story is very exciting and nerve-wracking. My favourite bit is where Marmaduke is surfing. Overall I would rate this movie 5 stars out of 5."

Elise, 11, Lincolnshire, England

"I thought it was amazing."

Brandon, 11, West Sussex, England

"So cool! It's the best film in history."

Elenor, 9, New York, USA

"Marmaduke is very funny and I loved it!"

Sarah, 8, Glasgow, Scotland

"WOW! I think this film is great! It is really funny at times. 10/10."

Seb, 13, Reading, England

"What a smash! Marmaduke is the film of the summer!"

Lissie, 11, Nottingham, England

"It's well cool. I love the bit when he walks on that man."

Wilf, 7, London, England

"Marmaduke rules! I love it!"

Kianne, 9, Dundee, Scotland

"This is an excellent film, great for family viewing. It's very funny and kids of all ages will love this, especially if they like naughty and funny pets! I rate it 5 out of 5 stars."

Eve, 11, Lincolnshire, England

"Woo! Marmaduke rocked!"

Erin, 11, County Down, N. Ireland

"That was a great film!"

Connor, 8, Essex, England

"I quite liked it. There are really funny bits. Go Marmaduke!"

Maisie, 11, California, USA

"I really enjoyed Marmaduke, but I think the ending needed to say more about what happened in the future. They should have a second film to carry it on and make it with more jokes and comedy."

Hannah, 13, Lincolnshire, England

"If you loved Marley and Me then you'll love Marmaduke, especially since they all talk and there aren't any sad bits. 10/10."

Patrick, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"It's barking mad! Haha!"

Ella & Tess, 13 & 10, Perth, Scotland