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Last Updated: Tuesday August 10 2010 06:09 GMT

Man has 10,000 crisp packet collection

crisp packets

Man has 10,000 crisp collection

A man who's been keeping crisp packets for more than 20 years now has a collection that's worth £10,000!

Dave Valentine has more than 500 different packets which he holds on to after he's eaten the snacks inside.

Most of them you can't buy any more, and they've been valued at thousands of pounds.

But although they may be worth a small fortune but Dave says he's not planning on selling them and wants to keep collecting even more!

5p a packet

There's a few very odd flavours in Dave's collection including sweetcorn relish Skips.

And some old fashioned names too - how about a packet of Yankee Stars or some Shrimps?!

crisp packets
Dave used to get his gran to help him collect his 500 crisp packets!

Back when Dave started collecting the packets, crisps were pretty cheap - some of the bags have price tags of just 5p!

He says it was all his parents' idea: "They weren't too keen on me collecting football stickers and things like that because they saw it as a waste of money.

"So they'd make me keep crisp packets that were left over, take them from my friends and lunch, and pick them up out of the gutter!"