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Last Updated: Monday August 09 2010 16:51 GMT

The big hunt for the world's rare frogs

The hunt for rare frogs

Wildlife experts have launched a massive search to try to find some of the world's rarest frogs and toads.

Lots of them have been dying out because their homes have been destroyed by humans, and lots more have been killed by disease.

Experts reckon a third of all species of amphibians are at risk of disappearing off the plant.

Now they're setting off across four different continents to try to track down some of the rarest species.

Missions are going to be launched in 14 different countries over the next two months.

Wildlife experts hope they will find some frogs and toads that are thought to be extinct.

Conservationist Dr Robin Moore said: "We've compiled a list of around 70 species that we know haven't been seen in the last decade.

"So this is a large co-ordinated effort to try to find a lot of these species."