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Last Updated: Thursday August 05 2010 20:40 GMT

In pics: Happy animal families

Penguin family

A baby penguin and its proud parents pose for photographer Steve Bloom. It's one of the many wonderful images of animal families he's captured for a new book.

Panda family

Steve travelled all over the world photographing baby animals for his book, aptly named My Favourite Animal Families! Here we see two pandas playing in the snow in China.

Elephant family

From snow in China to rain in Africa - look at this baby elephant using her mother as an mum-brella!

Giraffe family

We love this 'touching' picture of a baby giraffe and its parent.

Orangutan family

Orangutans tend to live alone - the child stays with its mother for six to seven years before going off on its own.

Gorilla family

Baby gorillas like to be carried by their mothers.

Lion family

Look at this lioness in Kenya washing her cubs in Kenya, Africa - lions like to lick and rub each others' heads.

Seal family

Wonder what joke these elephant seals are sharing?!

Hippo family

Steve says he wants to show how different animals' family lives are unique.

Cheetah family

He teamed up with kids' author David Henry Wilson for his book. My Favourite Animal Families (published by Thames & Hudson) is out this month.