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Last Updated: Thursday August 05 2010 15:44 GMT

In Pics: Up close with GROSS bugs in YOUR home

Daddy long legs

Step away from the screen - how GROSS are these creatures? And what's more they're all living right near YOU. This is a daddy long legs.

Cat flea - gross bugs in close-up

Scientists used jazzed-up cameras to take these shots which make the pesky pests more than a million times bigger than they are in real-life. Does this cat flea make you itch?

Maggot - gross bugs in close-up

This fellow's quite cute in a weird sort of way. It's a maggot. Check out his fangs!!

Dust mite - gross bugs in close-up

Is it an alien or a jellyfish? No it's a dustmite and they can live in things like beds, carpets and sofas! They're not vicious but can trigger asthma.

House fly - gross bugs in close-up

You're used to these too, it's a house fly. But who'd have thought it looked like this close-up? Some of the pics were taken using a 500,000 scanning electron microscope.

Bed bug - gross bugs in close-up

And guess who you're cuddling up to at night? This is a bed bug, which lives in beds! But don't worry, they're probably not in your bed unless you get itchy at night...

Silverfish - gross bugs in close-up

Creepy-looking or what? This is a silverfish - they come out at night and like to eat paper, sugar, coffee, hair, carpet, clothes and dandruff. URGH!

Red flour beetle - gross bugs in close-up

This one looks like something out of Doctor Who. It's actually a red flour mite and likes to live in - you guessed it - flour, when it's not stored properly.

Flour mite - gross bugs in close-up

Another flour mite. They're REALLY TINY in reality but this one looks like he's from a far-off planet. Nice hairstyle!

American cockroach - gross bugs in close-up

But you're not likely to have one of these American cockroaches unless you're off to America on holiday! In real life they're 4cm long.


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