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Last Updated: Thursday August 05 2010 12:03 GMT

Three-quarters of the US oil spill has been cleared


Most of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has either been removed or it has evaporated naturally, according to the US government.

President Barack Obama said the clean-up was "finally coming to an end".

Scientists investigating the leak said much of the oil had drifted away and evaporated, or dissolved in the sea.

And they said a quarter of the oil had been removed using a special tube, and by skimming and burning it off the sea.

There are still 200 million litres of oil left in Gulf waters though - and experts say the clean-up isn't over yet.

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How bad is the oil spill for wildlife?

The US Government has said BP is now allowed to cement the broken oil well, and seal it off for good.

BP capped the broken well in July, and is still pumping mud into the leak to stop any more oil flowing out.

Oil began spilling into the Gulf when an oil rig exploded in April.