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Last Updated: Wednesday August 04 2010 12:33 GMT

Youth Olympics 2010 Quiz

Youth Olympics 2010 Quiz

Test your knowledge of the first EVER Youth Olympics, and find out more about the special games.

The Olympic rings

1.) Question 1

Where will the Youth Olympics 2010 (the first ever) be held?

The Youth Olympics 2010 torch
  1. Stockholm
  2. Rio de Janiero
  3. Singapore

2.) Question 2

Flame for Youth Olympics lit in *

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Olympia
  3. Rotherham

3.) Question 3

Tom Daley is one of Team GB's hopefuls in the Youth Olympics. But what sport does he compete in?

Diving champion and Team GB Youth Olympics hopeful Tom Daley
  1. Diving
  2. Basketball
  3. Swimming

4.) Question 4

Preparations for Youth Olympics will affect *

  1. traffic
  2. life
  3. pollution

5.) Question 5

Who are the official mascots for the Youth Olympics 2010?

Singapore Youth Olympics 2010 mascot
  1. Wenlock and Mandeville
  2. Iain and Hacker
  3. Lyo and Merly


  1. The first ever Youth Olympics will be held in Singapore in summer 2010.
  2. The Youth Olympics torch was lit in Olympia.
  3. Tom Daley is a diver. He specialises in the 10m platform event and is a world champion!
  4. There will be lots more traffic in Singapore because of the Youth Olympics.
  5. Lyo (pronounced as Leo), the Lion of the Youth Olympics, is a lion cub with a mane as fiery as his passion for life. Merly got her name from mer (meaning the sea) and l y for liveliness and youthfulness.

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