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Last Updated: Wednesday August 04 2010 12:42 GMT

Snake hunt after boa escapes Essex home

Eva a boa constrictor, not actual snake that's escaped
This isn't Diego, but a snake of the same sort

A snake is on the loose in Wickford, Essex, after slithering out of a bathroom window on Friday.

Police and RSPCA experts are hunting for the 2m-long boa, called Diego, who could be dangerous.

People were warned not to approach the snake but to alert police as it could bite, but it feeds off small animals.

His owner Aaron Waymont thinks Diego is probably hiding up a tree but will return to his home when he starts to get hungry.

The pet snake is described as "as thick as a baseball bat" and is not fully grown.

Aaron, 22, said: "I've kept a lot of animals in my time, but I've never had one go missing before. He broke his glass and found his way out.

"I'm very worried for Diego and for the public as well."