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Last Updated: Wednesday August 04 2010 12:38 GMT

Singapore Youth Olympics 2010: handy guide

The official 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics mascots

Since London was named as the 2012 Olympics host, we've all been getting pretty excited about the build-up.

But how much do you know about the first everYouth Olympics in Singapore this summer?

This cut-out-and-keep Newsround guide should help!

  • It's the first ever Youth Olympics (before there was the the World Youth Games)
  • It's going to be held every four years, with a staggered Summer and Winter Games, just like the adult Olympics
  • It's for athletes aged 14 to 18
  • The summer version will be 12 days long, and the winter one will be up to nine days
The official 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics torch
The Youth Olympics torch

  • There have been youth versions of the Olympics before, like the European Youth Olympics and the Australian Youth Olympics Festival
  • But this is the first international Youth Olympics
  • The official theme is: "Learning to know, learning to be, learning to do, and learning to live together."
  • There are about 170 countries participating this summer in Singapore, and each one will send at least four athletes
  • The sports involved will be pretty similar to the adult Olympics, but some disciplines like slalom canoeing, synchronised swimming and road cycling won't feature
  • The athletes will be joined in Singapore by 1,450 officials, 1,500 media representatives, 20,000 local and international volunteers, and more than 370,000 spectators