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Last Updated: Wednesday August 04 2010 13:02 GMT

Guides want airbrushed photos of celebs labelled

Leah looks into airbrushing - opening pictures from Dove.

Magazines are full of celebs and models who might look perfect, but have really had their photos altered by computer.

It's called airbrushing and it can help make people thinner, get rid of spots and generally make them look great.

But the Guides say these picture perfect images can also make real girls feel bad about how they look.

So now they're campaigning for the government to introduce new rules to make sure that any images that are airbrushed are clearly labelled.

Two Guides give their views

Girlguiding UK asked more than 1,100 girls questions about their lives and what worries them. And loads of them said it was their appearance and body shape.

Thousands of Guides are expected to sign a petition supporting their campaign, and they're already getting celebrity support too.

Actress Kelly Brook said she wouldn't mind if an airbrushed photo of her was clearly labelled.

Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook agrees with the idea of labelling really airbrushed shots

"If people are being slimmed down in photographs then I think that should definitely be pointed out," she said.

"You don't want to portray something that is unrealistic and unachievable to young teenage girls."