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Last Updated: Tuesday August 03 2010 14:33 GMT

Pakistan rescue mission continues for flood victims

Family rescued from Pakistan floods

Two families' amazing rescue stories

Rescue workers in north-west Pakistan are doing their best to reach thousands of people stranded by flooding.

Every year strong winds and rain - called a monsoon - hit the country. They're important as they bring water.

But this year's rain has been the worst for 80 years, killing about 1,400 people and leaving three million people homeless.

Experts are worried that the flooding will cause a serious disease called cholera, which can kill.

Fresh rain is slowing down the rescue mission and raising fears that more flooding could take place.

Sonali explains what's happening in Pakistan

Sonali explains what's going on in Pakistan

And forecasters say even more rain is due in the north-west and southern provinces of Punjab and Sindh over the next few days.

The Pakistani army has sent 30,000 soldiers and dozens of helicopters to the rescue mission but airlifting people to safety is a slow process.

The army had hoped that the first rescue operation would be done in 10 days, but now thinks rebuilding the damaged areas could take more than six months.