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Last Updated: Tuesday August 03 2010 09:57 GMT

In pics: The freakiest fish in the sea


This menacing mouth belongs to the dragonfish. It lives deep beneath the sea where food can be hard to find, so it has a set of sharp teeth on its TONGUE to help it catch its dinner!

Deep water octopus

Scientists researching sea life have published these snaps of their weird and wonderful findings. This deepwater octopus lives almost 3km under the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico.


This jellyfish has a built-in burglar alarm! When it's attacked it releases a light show to warn off predators.

Venus Fly Trap

This crazy-looking creature is called a Venus Fly Trap. It's a type of anemone that lives in the Gulf of Mexico, and catches passing food in its tentacles.

Sponge Brittle Star

Sponge brittle stars like this one only live inside - or very nearby - sea sponges. They're found in the Carribbean and are most active during the night.

spider conch

The Census of Marine Life is a 10-year project to find out what lives in the world's oceans. This spider conch is a type of sea snail that can grow up to 30cm long.

Zombie Worms

The scientists also studied how the creatures eat. These creepy creatures are called zombie worms and they get their food by burrowing into whale bones!