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Last Updated: Tuesday August 03 2010 06:18 GMT

New laws to end cruel puppy farms

Move to end cruel puppy farming

New laws are being introduced in Wales to help stop puppies being bred in cruel conditions.

Thousands of dogs are born in cramped puppy farms every year.

Farmed dogs are often not given enough room to move about, which means they can suffer health problems or be unhappy.

The new laws will make sure breeders microchip all puppies and give their dogs enough care and supervision when they're young.

Under the new laws there will have to be one human to care for every 20 dogs.

It's hoped the new laws will be up and running by the end of the year.

Tips to avoid bad puppy farms

The RSPCA says the best way of avoiding buying a farmed dog is to buy from a good breeder and ask to see the puppy's parents and the kennels where it lives.


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