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Last Updated: Thursday July 29 2010 18:33 GMT

Justin Bieber quiz!

Justin Bieber

So reckon you're Bieber's biggest fan? Take Newsround's quiz to find out just how well you know Justin!

Bieber Fever

It's been a bit of a mental year for Justin. When he was in Australia his gig was cancelled. But why? Were there too many fans, was it the weather or did he have a headache?

Justin Bieber

There were too many Bieber fans so the police had to cancel the gig. What did Justin have stolen when he was in New Zealand? Was it his hat, his watch or his mobile phone?

Justin Bieber

It was his hat! Though it was quickly returned... phew! What other exciting activity did Justin get up to in New Zealand? Was it surfing, diving or bungee jumping?

Justin Bieber

Justin did a bungee jump! It looks like he really enjoyed it too! Back in America Justin made a new BFF. Which animal got to be the lucky one? Was it a whale, a penguin or a piglet?

Justin and Allua the Beluga whale

Allua the Beluga whale was lucky enough to spend some time with Justin. Jealous! Newsround also got the chance to catch up with him. But what colour were his trainers?

Justin Bieber

Justin was wearing bright yellow shoes. He told us he had LOADS!

Justin Bieber

So? How did you do? Remember to check out the Newsround website for all the latest Bieber news!