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Last Updated: Thursday July 29 2010 06:34 GMT

Escaped pet tiger found in South Africa after two days

Bengal tiger - NOT Panjo

A pet tiger that escaped from the back of a truck during a trip to the vet in South Africa has been found.

A two-day search using a helicopter and sniffer dogs helped track down Panjo the tiger. He was hiding at a farm but his owner called for him to come out.

Panjo was "stressed out" after his adventure, his owner Goosey Fernandes said.

The Bengal tiger was being taken for a check-up near the city of Johannesburg when he broke out.

During the hunt his owner said the tiger was harmless and should be treated like a dog if spotted.

He said that all people had to do was pick up a stick, say "no" in a loud voice and throw him a chicken to keep him under control.

But wildlife experts warned that tigers are dangerous and told people not to approach it.

Some people don't think tigers should be kept as pets and Panjo would be better off in the jungle.

Tigers are not normally found in the wild in Africa - they're native to Asia.