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Last Updated: Thursday July 29 2010 05:48 GMT

Justin Bieber tries to outrun fans on buggy

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber might want to rethink the best way to outrun his hordes of screaming fans!

While shopping in America, the pop star was spotted by a group of teenage girls who chased after him.

Instead of running, the Canadian singer made his escape on a Segway - a two-wheeled buggy not known for its speed.

So it wasn't long before his fans caught up with him. But Justin didn't mind - he even stopped to sign autographs and pose for pictures!

The singer was riding around the shopping complex on his special buggy in the state of Arizona. He was due to perform there later as part of his My World tour.

Justin's buggy, the Segway, is popular with lots of celebrities. They're electric, which makes them better for the environment.