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Last Updated: Wednesday July 28 2010 15:51 GMT

Weever fish giving swimmers nasty sting

Fish giving swimmers nasty sting

Beachgoers are being warned to watch out for Britain's most poisonous fish.

A weever fish might only be 15cm long, but the spines on its fin are leaving beach fans with a nasty sting.

Known as weevers, the brown fish like shallow water and are so well hidden that many people do not see them until they've been stepped on.

The poison leaves people with a red and swollen foot - and more and more people are getting jabbed. The good news is that the sting isn't really dangerous.

Experts reckon you shouldn't panic if you do get stung - lifeguards say putting your foot in a bowl of hot water can help take the pain away.

And if you're worried about going into the water, then get some beach shoes to protect your feet from being stung.