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Last Updated: Wednesday July 28 2010 08:30 GMT

Hoosiers aim for longest ever pop song record

The Hoosiers recording their single

British band The Hoosiers usually make records, but they're hoping to BREAK a record by releasing the longest pop song ever in the UK!

They've recorded a 43-MINUTE long single called Stop Giving Me Verses.

It was written with the help of their fans, who sent in their own lyrics for the track.

Singer Irwin Sparkes said remembering all the words on top of their other songs might be difficult: "I don't like the chances of us recreating this one."

Fans who were selected will have their picture pop up in the video when their verse is being sung.

The band is also aiming to snatch the record for the longest download single in history.

It will be available to download on 1 August. The Hoosiers are also releasing a normal length single called Choices on the same day.