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Last Updated: Wednesday July 28 2010 07:49 GMT

Cute animals quiz: kittens, puppies and more!

Cute animals quiz

CUTE! Puppies, kittens, baby rhinos - we've put together a quiz to see what YOU know about the fluffiest and furriest creatures. Add up your score as you go along. Good luck!

Kittens in a box

Ahhh - nothing like a couple of kittens to make you smile. But what's a group of kittens called: a cuddle, a kindle or a kitty?

Kittens in a box

The answer's a kindle. Did you get it right? If not, just enjoy the pic - totally cute!

Dalmatian puppy

So this is a Dalmatian puppy - known for their spots. But what animal is famous for this saying: A XXXXXXX never changes their spots."? Is it a bullfrog, a pig or a leopard?

Leopard cubs

Of course it's a leopard. We love these cubs, but not sure we'd want to meet their mum as they grow up to be powerful hunters.


Cute, cute, cute again! But what bird will this baby be when it grows up? A duck, a goose or a pigeon?


The answer to question three is a duck, like this one enjoying a paddle.

Polar bear cubs

Polar bears - wouldn't you just want one? But where are these little beauties found in the wild? Is it the Amazon, the African savannah or the Arctic Circle? Choose one!

Polar bear

Are you right? It's the cold icy lands in the Arctic Circle where you'll find polar bears. This one looks like he's posing for the photo!

Guinea pig

Fifth and final question - and it's this. What do guinea pigs prefer to eat out of these foods: grass, gravy or grapes?

Guinea pig

And the answer is grass. This little one is as cute as cuteness itself. So now add up your scores...

Chihuahua with heart-shaped marking

So how did you do? If you liked this quiz, try some more - there are links on the right. Go on, you know you want to.




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