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Last Updated: Tuesday July 27 2010 19:10 GMT

More rhinos being killed for their horn by poachers

More rhinos killed by poachers in SA

There's been an increase in the number of rhinos that are being killed for their horn by poachers in South Africa.

Even though you're not allowed to buy or sell the horns, criminals can still make thousands of pounds from selling them illegally.

Some of the country's game parks, where the animals live, are being targeted by poachers who fly in at night by helicopter.

This is making it really hard for park owners to catch the criminals.

So far 130 rhinos have been killed this year and now the fight is on to save them.

The wardens who look after the parks where the rhinos roam free now want more help to look after their numbers.

In some cases the horns are sold for thousands of pounds.