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Last Updated: Tuesday July 27 2010 08:25 GMT

Pigeon poo cuts short Kings of Leon concert in America

Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon

US rock group Kings of Leon cut short a gig in America because pigeons kept on pooing on them!

Their concert in St. Louis was stopped after three songs because bass player Jared Followill was hit in the mouth and face by bird droppings.

Drummer Nathan Followill apologised to fans online, saying "it was too unsanitary to continue".

Concert organisers said people who went to the gig on Friday will get a refund on their tickets.

A pigeon - not the one that pooed on Kings of Leon
A pigeon - not the one that pooed on Kings of Leon

The concert's opening acts, The Postelles and The Stills, were also hit by pigeon poo when they performed.

"We couldn't believe what The Postelles and The Stills looked like after their sets," bassist Jared Followill said in a statement.

"We didn't want to cancel the show, so we went for it. We tried to play. It was ridiculous."

The band's publicist Amy Mendelsohn added that they found it hard to carry on: "It's not only disgusting - it's a toxic hazard. They really tried to hang in there."

Kings of Leon are made up of brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared, and their cousin Matthew.