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Last Updated: Thursday July 22 2010 13:38 GMT

In pics: Rare cubs make first appearance

Meet Parti and Jaya, rare clouded leopards cubs born at a zoo in Paris in May.

Meet Parti and Jaya, rare clouded leopard cubs that were born at a zoo in Paris, in May.

Rare leopard cubs

Clouded leopards are found in the wild in South East Asia, and have markings on their coats shaped like clouds.

Rare leopard cub

Because the leopards are shy creatures, not much is known about them - and breeding them in captivity has been difficult.

Rare leopard cub

A zoo spokesperson said: "The little panthers are behaving normally and putting on weight as expected."

Rare leopard cub

They've been enjoying the climbing frame in their enclosure, though some of it may be a little high!

Rare leopard cub

Time for a quick high-five to the zoo's visitors.

Rare leopard cub

But all this activity can get tiring for a cub - it might be time for a cat nap instead!




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