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Last Updated: Wednesday July 21 2010 16:08 GMT

NR Special: Your school buildings

Pupils can't fit down school corridors

Loads of you contacted Newsround after the government cut money that was supposed to provide new buildings for schools in England.

So we've been round the country to find out how bad some of your classrooms have become.

And we've been taking your questions to the man at the top, Michael Gove - he's the man responsible for schools in England.

He's been explaining why there isn't enough money to fix your buildings.

He told Sonali: "I agree that it's terrible that many of our school buildings are in a bad state and we really need to repair them."

The old government had promised money to do up schools, but Michael Gove says the system they used had to be changed.

Sonali v the government on schools

He told Sonali: "One of the problems we had in the past is that a lot of this money has gone on paying people huge, fat salaries instead of concentrating on making sure our children's schools are better.

He said the old way of giving out cash had to change: "The system we had in the past has to change... It's not the case that schools aren't going to get money for repairs.


Earlier this week hundreds of kids from all over the country went to protest outside Parliament.

And you've been sending us pictures, video clips and emails about how how bad your buildings have become.