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Last Updated: Wednesday July 21 2010 05:39 GMT

Parents want Simpsons lesson banned from class

Creator Matt Groening with Homer and Marge Simpson

Parents at a school in Somerset have been complaining that the Simpsons is being used in lessons.

400 people have signed a petition asking Kingsmead Community School, in Wiveliscombe to stop teaching kids about the cartoon series.

The six week course looks at the kind of language the characters use, what kind of audience it's aimed at, and what makes it funny.

But parent Joseph Reynolds said: "I think it's a waste of the kids' time."

The series has been going for over 20 years, and has had over 460 episodes as well as the full length Simpsons movie.

It been so popular because of the clever way that it appeals to both kids and adults.

Mr Reynolds started the campaign and said: "The national curriculum actually lists a great number of authors we could use and The Simpsons is never listed."

But the school says kids there get to study lots of different books and plays, and they have decided not to ban the Simpsons course.