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Last Updated: Tuesday July 20 2010 16:00 GMT

A doggy-paddle sponsored swim!

Watch Katie's report on the dogs' sponsored swim

Press Packer Katie went along to a special dog water centre where owners and their pets were swimming lengths to raise money. Here's her report.

"It's a sponsored swim - but with a difference, it's not all humans taking part.

My mum Jo helps at the hydrotherapy pool. She explained that the pool was used by all sorts of dogs that have had surgery or have arthritis and need to do exercises in the water.

Swimming dog
Check out the doggy paddle!

She said the dogs love it and it's a nice way for them to exercise.

Some of the dogs use life jackets if they are swimming for a long while. It helps them to float better in the water which means they can swim a little bit longer.

The dogs and their owners took it in turns to swim in the pool. I could see that they really loved swimming!

They kept on paddling for an amazing 12 hours and raised £7,500 for a dog treadmill."

Katie, 12, Suffolk



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