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Last Updated: Tuesday July 20 2010 07:12 GMT

Spurs ban vuvuzelas at matches

Wesley Sneijder blows a Vuvuzela

Tottenham have become the first Premier League club to ban vuvuzelas from their home matches next season.

The African horns were popular with footie fans at this summer's World Cup in South Africa.

But some players, fans and TV stations reckoned the constant drone made by the plastic horns was too distracting.

Tottenham think the noise will make it hard for fans and players to hear important safety announcements inside the stadium on match days.

The sound of all the vuvuzelas in a stadium is said to be like a jet aeroplane taking off. Other people say it's like a massive swarm of wasps or charging elephants.

The Premier League has refused to implement a widespread ban, stating that "such matters are dealt with at club level".

English clubs

Clubs in the lower leagues in England have already banned the instrument and now more Premier League teams could do the same.

At the Wimbledon tennis championships this year, the All England Club banned vuvuzelas as organisers reckoned they could spoil the event.