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Last Updated: Monday July 19 2010 19:58 GMT

In Pictures: Swimmer snaps amazing waves

An underwater shot taken beneath a wave as it breaks

How cool is this! It's what a wave looks like from beneath the water as it curls over to break on the shore.

Clarke Little with his camera under a wave

It's one of a series of incredible shots by photographer Clarke Little that were taken from within, underneath and around huge breaking waves in Hawaii.

A wave in Hawaii

Hawaii gets some of the biggest waves on the planet, but capturing them like this isn't easy. They look incredible here, but the waves are so powerful they can be pretty dangerous.

Clarke Little with his camera under a wave

Armed with his waterproof camera, Clarke waits until the last possible second to take each photo, before the waves come crashing down and sweep him off his feet.

A wave in Hawaii

Clarke risks drowning, broken bones or even being eaten by sharks with every shot! But he has loads of experience so he knows what to do.